Dial 211 for Essential Community Services - Click HERE to read about what 211 can help you with.

Best Practices When Working with McKinney-Vento Students - Click HERE

School Nurses & MKV - Click HERE

Parents & Caregiver Information - Click HERE

McKinney-Vento Teacher & School Staff Training

McKinney-Vento Training for Enrolling Staff 2020 Illinois

McKinney-Vento Counseling Staff Training

McKinney-Vento Training for Transportation Director & Bus Drivers

04.14.2021 - Rountable Training PowerPoint Slide Deck Download - Click HERE

The Madison County Mental Health Board 2021 Resource Directory - Click HERE

Illinois State Board of Education Homeless Education page including forms - Click HERE

Illinois Food Pantries web page (a listing of all of Illinois) - Click HERE

The link to the Federal law concerning Homeless Education can be found HERE.

FAQ on the Educational Rights of Children & Youth in Homeless Situations - Click HERE (12 MB)

Education for Homeless Children and Youths Program Non-Regulatory Guidance Document - Click HERE (6 MB)