All public school buildings and school related buildings including temporary/mobile classrooms in the Madison County Regional Office of Education jurisdiction are inspected annually to assure compliance with the standards necessary to ensure the health and safety of public school students in Illinois, according to "Building Specifications for Health and Safety in Public Schools." Annual inspection results from each building are available at the ROE office. As required by law, a record of the annual inspection is sent to the president of the school board and a summary is filed annually with the State Board of Education. In addition, results from required State Fire Marshall inspections are reported through the ROE to the school districts and the state.

Every 10 years, each public building must be resurveyed for continued compliance by an architect or engineer licensed in the State of Illinois. The "Safety Survey Report" lists any items necessary to bring the building into full and continual compliance. Upon completion of outlined work, compliance is verified by the district and a licensed architect or engineer in a report filed with the ROE and the building is awarded a certificate of compliance.The ROE is also responsible, through the Regional Superintendent of Schools, for statutory compliance with established standards in the construction, remodeling and demolition of public school buildings. The Regional Superintendent assures school board approval of construction plans, review of construction plans for code compliance, issuance of the building permit, and upon review, issuance of school occupancy permits. Further, the Regional Superintendent assures code compliance for temporary/mobile classroom units throughout the region in cooperation with licensed architects or engineers retained by local school districts. Records of all amendments and construction information are kept on file in the ROE.

Helpful Health & Life Safety Links & Documents

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Required Documents for Building Permit:

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Required Documents for Occupancy Permit:

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