CEO/ETC Wellness Survey

A healthy school is one that helps students, teachers, and families learn, practice, and live in a manner that improves their health. We welcome your input with regards to the Center for Educational Opportunities/Educational Therapy Center Wellness Policy and its implementation.

1) Are you aware that your school has a Wellness Policy that promotes nutrition, good eating habits, and a healthy life style through physical activity? *
2) Can you identify ways our school promotes healthier living? *
3) What are three ways your school could be healthier? *
4) Can you think of some ideas to help your school do an even better job of helping students to be healthier? *

I learn about healthy eating at school. *
I eat healthy foods at school. *
My school has activities planned to provide appropriate physical activity. *
My school offers units in appropriate classes that teach about nutrition. *
My school provides information to help me make healthy food choices. *
My school offers a healthy breakfast. *
My school offers healthy food choices for lunch. *
I share the information I learn with my family and friends. *
My school is doing a good job. I now think more about making healthier food choices. *
Has our School Wellness policy and related school wide instruction helped you become more aware of the need to include fitness activities in your lifestyle. *
Have I increased the amount of physical activity I participate in as the result of the wellness policy *
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